Ok. Lets not panic. But January is over…it was just Christmas. But no big deal.. Hello Feb!

I’ve had to take a minute to regroup as this previous month literally flew by! Whilst thinking of what to share with you think week I thought I’d do my first monthly favourites on Hello Chanello – sharing just a few things that I’ve really enjoyed or found useful in the month of January. I always say that if something is in someones “monthly favs” then its DEFINITELY worth buying or at least just trying out because when it comes down to having to choose what you really LOVE, its really gotta be good enough to mention!


I love photography – taking pictures for my blog, for Instagram or just for fun with friends, I’m always down! Besides taking digital pics, theres just something about film that I absolutely adore! I’ve had a polaroid camera for a few years which means I have a TON of polaroid pictures..but I’ve oddly enough never actually made a proper effort to store them well. I have a bunch hanging around my apartment and on my fridge but since buying this Polaroid Album on Amazon, its been a AH HA moment and a no brainer to buy a few more ..taking it old school and having an actual photo album is really something special and definitely what I’ve been loving having on my desk this month.


If you’ve been watching my make up tutorials, you’ll see that a lot of what I do is trial and error but surprisingly,99% of the time it turns out GREAT and I genuinely seem to love what I put together which is why I thought I’d just share 2 beauty products I’m currently enjoying.

  • JADE Roller – I’m a TV host and for the entertainment news channel I host for called Hollyscoop, I’m up very early and need to be hair and make up ready, in studio and prepared to share the current entertainment news. Knowing this, I also have a problem.. because my face takes a while longer than given to actually WAKE UP and look normal. Anyone else like this? Like, when I wake up..I don’t necessarily LOOK awake.. which isn’t ideal HA! But PROBLEM SOLVED since I came across this stunning Jade Roller on Amazon. It’s recommended to be kept in the fridge which actually makes sense because when you roll it on your face, with the cold temperature you’re technically contracting the skin which reduces puffiness and says bye-bye to that morning face! It was only $7 and I’m obsessed!
  • Tartlette Toasted from Tarte – This eyeshadow palette! DREAM! I’m loving it for the warm and rich tones. These colors work very well with my blue eyes and especially make them pop on camera. The two shades I’m using the most are WARMTH and FLAME. Oooo girl! And when these two are used together…perfection!


  • L’ange Hairdryer – Ok I know what you’re thinking.. surely you’re NOT including a hairdryer in your monthly favs Chanel?! BUT! YES! I am! Because honestly, for the past few years I’ve been using an ol’ cheapo no name brand that I found online when I was seriously poor and new to LA #honest and since using this gorgeous blush pink one, I finally know what quality is like! It’s truly benefited my hair! It literally feels smoother and stronger after blow drying and not so fragile and damaged like before..besides being a really pretty color, the product is steady and reliable and I ain’t turning back!

Photography @daynemalan

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