Don’t you just love that?! “Fight For Your Fairytale”

I attended a total girl boss event a few weeks ago hosted by fellow TV host Stacy Ike –  this is how cool the internet is! When I moved to LA in 2016 I researched and followed on social media (aka stalked..creepy much;) all the TV hosts I could find in the city for inspo and motivation with the aim to eventually be able to call these incredible women my peers. Fast forward to 2018, I’ve met pretty much every single one of them, work with them and are friends with them! It’s a beautiful full circle and one of the many things I absolutely adore about LA.. we’re all in this together, hustling, pushing, working and of course, fighting for our fairytales.

One of the lovely ladies I’ve been following since the beginning is Stacy .. we met for the first time at this event only a few Sundays ago but when we met, we felt like we’d known each other for ages already because we’ve been following and supporting each others careers and liking all the Insta pics for so long! It’s magical!

What eventually brought us tougher, was the cutest pajama party she hosted together with Bumble with the idea of bringing like-minded ladies together to share stories, eat, laugh and make vision boards as we freshly enter 2018. How cute?! And can we do more of this ..please?!

I met a whole bunch of new faces – kind and passionate ladies from all different departments in the entertainment world. We shared contacts and handles and ideas over DELISH tacos and drinks.

One of my goals this year was the make an effort to meet new people and find the courage again to go to more events, even if it means going alone. And I did it! And I met wonderful people, had the best time and left feeling enriched. This was the perfect gathering to start off the year right! So THANK YOU Stace! I look forward to the next one!


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Outfit details – BARBIE top from Target

Hair products used – @langehair Lustre Blush 32mm Curling Wand, Trois Chic Hairspray, Salt & Sea Texturizing Spray